I'd like to make an offer on your home...

Take over house payments


Thank you for responding to our email, letter, phone call or Classified Ad... about the home you have for sale.

We are not Attorneys or a Real Estate Agents trying to list your house. We are interested in BUYING your house for our own investment. We buy 2 to 3 houses per month in GOOD to Excellent condition and We are the most serious buyer you will ever come across.

We are a group of investors who teamed up to buy houses nationwide and In your area if you are seeing this... we have boots on ground in most areas.

 We purchase homes "subject to" the existing loan and you don't have to pay any Realtor commissions or fees when you sell to me. We can also close very quickly.

In other words we take over your payments and make them so you don't have to. There are two types of sellers who would benefit from selling to me.

1. Folks who have been trying to sell it themselves because they do not have enough equity or cash available to pay Realtor fees & closing costs and who need to sell immediately.

At the risk of sounding a bit insulting (although i don't mean it that way at all), I call this group the "Need" group. 😉

2. The second type of seller is someone who hates the idea of giving a Realtor a ton of money to sell their home and is looking for a way to reduce their cost of selling, increase their profit and sell immediately. At the risk of not being entirely politically correct, I call this group the "Greedgroup. 😉

3. There is one last group, these I'll Call the "Don't Wanters", these are people, who just wants the property gone out of their names, and out of their life... They could be a tired landlord who had enough tenants and toilets.

Or you could have Inherited the property and have no interest in it, the city maybe fining you for upkeep, back taxes... What ever your reason you don't want it we can help.

If you fit one of these criteria, I believe that the offer we will make to you will be very attractive.

So... if you are interested in hearing my offer, click on the group that you belong to and I'll explain the offer.

We will contact you within 24 business hours.

Click the Group you are in below for more info.

Need***    Take Over You Payment    *** Greed

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